We’ve quietly built the world’s most advanced bio-analytics platform.

We started a decade ago.

We’re far beyond what you know as artificial intelligence.

We’ve completed 170 projects in healthcare.

Across 44 diseases.

Our clients are 35 of the best biopharma, diagnostic, clinical research and academic institutions in the world.

We’ve discovered hundreds of novel biomarkers.

We’ve rescued failed drugs.

And we’ve accelerated the development of new ones.

In a world littered with failure, we have never failed.

We move very fast.

Because patience is not our virtue.

Patients are.

If you share our ethos, let’s talk.

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Patrick Lilley

Patrick Lilley


  • 25 years driving innovation and growth in biotech, software, high-performance computing and wireless

  • Co-founded 4 technology startups and 4 life sciences companies

  • Discovered hundreds of novel biomarkers for 28 diseases

  • Inventor of 75 technology patents and trade secrets in bioinformatics, tissue sample quality control, high-performance algorithms, security, and wireless

  • Member, MDEpiNet Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Task Force

  • Guest lectured at Cal Tech, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, USC and others
Roland Muduryan

Roland Muduryan


  • 25 years in finance, accounting, operations, marketing and sales

  • Senior positions with Toshiba and IBM

  • Founder and CEO of successful IT hardware business

  • Roland and Patrick have worked together at 3 companies since 1992
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